Welcome to Strive™



We are so excited for the opportunity to share Strive Cannabis with you!

Unlike other cannabis brands, Strive is not grown in-house. Instead, we painstakingly forage for the most superior indoor cannabis grown in California. We search far and wide through our vast network of magnificently talented and experienced farmers. As a result, we provide the community with exclusive actual small-batch cannabis that has been crafted and cared for by passionate farmers. Before a batch may even be considered to be packaged for Strive, we methodically test the cannabinoid effects, terpene profile, aroma, and appeal to ensure we are providing cannabis that is nothing short of incredible. After initial testing, we then have our panel of experienced aficionados verify and grade the product's overall experience. Lastly, we package Strive in our fully sustainable, stackable, ergonomic packaging and deliver the product directly to you. Strive only services like-minded Dispensaries that take exceptional care of their consumers, so we would like to personally thank you for taking such great care of this Cannabis community! If you would consider working with us, we will consistently Strive to make our relationship as synergistic as possible. We believe in constantly striving to do our absolute best for all, and we would love the opportunity to Strive with you.


We hope you enjoy the samples; if you need anything at all, please reach out to info@strivecannabis.org.


-The Strive Team