About Strive™


 Strive was founded in 2021 in Southern California. Our commitment to giving back while offering elegant products that not only meet but exceeds the highest standards is what sets us apart.

 We value sustainability and are dedicated to ensuring that we do our part. 


Additionally, our products undergo rigorous testing procedures to provide the experience you deserve.


We’re Committed

Our mission is to provide an exceptional experience that complements any lifestyle and invigorates everyday ambitions.
To provide superior quality and elegance, 
While giving back and promoting sustainability.

This Is STRIVE™.


We Strive for balance in life, towards oneself, others and the earth.


We Strive to treat everyone with respect.

Social Responsibility

We Strive to lead the way towards sustainability and equality.


We Strive in working together towards a greater good.

Introducing STRIVE™

The Experience You Deserve

We are passionate about creating eco-friendly cannabis products without compromising quality. Our small batch Foraging process ensures our products meet the highest standards.

Strive Cannabis products include Superior Cannabis Flower, Handcrafted Joints, and Live Rosin.

Discover our full selection of apparel and accessories online or grab your favorite THC products in person at some of the most exclusive dispensaries in California.


Superior Cannabis

Our Small batch Cannabis Flower Is meticulously foraged to ensure perfection and provide the ultimate smoking experience.

Handcrafted PreRolls

Our PreRolls are hand-rolled using

organic papers and a rotini pasta filter for sustainability and airflow.

Using our ethically sourced Cannabis Flower, our joints never contain shake or trim—only the best nugs.

Live Rosin

Our Full Spectrum Live Rosin represents the beautiful concentration of our superior Cannabis flower.

Fresh frozen flower, ice water, heat & pressure—nothing else.